The Team

Linda Gyamfi

Partnerships Team

Linda is a member of the TedxTottenham Sponsorship team. She describes herself as a ‘little Woman with big dreams.’ Linda Gyamfi has a passion for community causes and all things Tottenham. She has extensively engaged and led on a number of community initiatives on a local and national level since the age of 12.

Alex Stasi


Alex settled in Tottenham 2 years ago and proudly calls it home. He leads the marketing efforts for TEDx Tottenham, bringing with him over 10 years of experience working in brand marketing. Now embarking on his first TEDx he’s proud to be part of the team bringing such an exciting event for Tottenham.

Priscilla Baffour

Event Management

Raised in Tottenham, Priscilla has a wealth of experience within the creative industry and youth sector. Currently working for Channel 4 as their Industry Talent Specialist, Priscilla manages Channel 4’s talent initiative 4talent.

Yaa Adansi-Pipim

Partnerships Team

Yaa was born and raised in Tottenham and has been involved with TEDx Tottenham since it’s beginnings in 2014. She is currently working on forging partnerships within the Tottenham community in order to bring TEDx Tottenham’s vision and aims to the masses

Joy Oji


Born and raised in Tottenham, Joy is a big ball of energy and positivity with an eye for what’s popping in the social media world. Joy is a Paediatric Nurse by profession and is excited for what’s to come with TEDxTottenham.

Catherine & Yaw

The husband and wife co-curators are passionate about medicine, empowering young people and seek to make real impact within the local community. TEDxTottenham is hopefully a start!

Karl Courtney

Website Development

Karl has been in Tottenham for 5 years and loves it. Values the importance of community and seen the opportunity to get involved in a brilliant local event. Excited for TEDxTottenham.

Terri Ali

Event Management

Terri has a love for community. Her interest in event planning as well as being a Tottenham-raised individual is what makes being a part of the Tedxtottenham Team fulfilling!

Rachie Campbell

Creative Director

Rachie is a creative senior graphic designer with over 15 years of experience.
Rachie is also a figurative painter and street artist with her studio based in Tottenham.