2015 Performers

 Ballet Black
To Fetch a Pail of Water; BALLET BLACK, Chor; Kit Holder, Dancers; Kanika Carr and Jacob Wye,
Photography: Bill Cooper

Ballet Black is a professional ballet company for international dancers of black and Asian descent. The aim is to bring ballet to a more culturally diverse audience by celebrating black and Asian dancers in ballet. Ballet Black perform and offer community driven classes for dancers and students, young and old. The ultimate goal is to see a fundamental change in the number of black and Asian dancers in mainstream ballet companies, making that vision wonderfully unnecessary.

Zena Edwards
Raised in Tottenham, North London, Zena Edwards has become known as one of the most unique voices of  performance poetry to come out of London.
Zena,  graduating from Middlesex University in Drama and Communication Studies, has been involved in performance writing for 20 years. 
As a writer and performer her work has been described as "deep and sensuous, rhythmic and startling."  Zena is revered not only for the easy power of her words but also for her opulent delivery, for the complex manipulation of her voice.
"I use Music as a salve and a rejuvenator. I use words to connect and rationalize the indefinable. Ultimately, I write to remain human and if people relate to this and are encouraged to be moved, to have shifts in the paradigms of their conscious and subconscious centres, in whatever way that may be, then I am doing my job as an Artist.”

Alim Kamara
Alim is a hip hop artist who captivates his audience with realness, by being open and honest and he definitely rocks crowds with energy and thought provoking lyrics.

House Gospel Choir
House Gospel Choir -  Oxford street.

House Gospel Choir is the place where spirituality and the euphoria of the dancefloor come together. Founded by Creative Producer & Vocialist Natalie Maddix, HGC is a voice for those that can sing..... but dont always words! It's a home for anyone who has ever found themselves lost in music at a festival , or in a night club.... or on the tube on the way to work.